Top 5 Gift Ideas for Designers

January 31, 2017 no comments Uncategorized

This is a list of the top five best gift ideas for architects and designers. We have broken down the top 5 types of products and provided the explanation why designers and architects love them.

5. Carrying Cases/Bags

Architects and designers are often on the move. Between visiting clients and job sites, they need to be able to bring their creation and presentation tools with them with confidence and, of course, style. We’ve collected some of the most reliable and stylish bags and cases that satisfy both form and function.

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4. Notebooks

Paper is still king. An array from large books for sketching big ideas to small, portable pads that fit in the back pocket are essential to lock in those spontaneous moments of fleeting ideas.

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3. Pens and Markers

This is a tricky one. Pens (and almost every drafting tool) are very polarizing. The key is to have a large selection of varying line weights and colors. Every idea has a different application and a different scale of implementation. Thick pens tend to be best for big sweeping ideas while thin pens are ideal for working out details.

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2. 3D Puzzles and Games

Busy hands are beneficial to creative blocks and mental processing alike. Studies show that focusing on physical puzzles induce a problem solving state of mind that can last days after the physical act of solving the puzzle itself.

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1. Books

Designers are always seeking inspiration. Whether it is exposure to deep insight in a thought-provoking text on Architectural Theory, or a graphically pleasing compilation of inspirational projects from the greats of the filed, there is nothing better than old-fashioned print on paper.

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