Sit/Stand – Working Healthier

February 11, 2017 no comments Better Work

Unfortunately, long working sessions at the desk are a necessary evil for architects and designers. While there is no shortage of research coming out about the health risks of extended sitting, there is a new movement in the design of the desk that is enabling people to stand while they work. Authority Nutrition has a great short article on the 7 Science-Based Benefits of a Standing Desk. Below is a brief summation of their list of benefits.

  1. Standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity
  2. Using a standing desk may lower your blood sugar levels
  3. Standing may lower your risk of Heart Disease
  4. Standing desks appear to reduce back pain
  5. Standing desks help improve mood and energy levels
  6. Standing desks may boost productivity
  7. Standing desks may help you live longer

Reading this information inspired us to hunt down the following variety of sit/stand options for our collection.