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  • Beaupassage Housing / Franklin Azzi Architecture + B&B Architectes

    © Alexandre Tabaste Architects: B&B Architectes, Franklin Azzi Architecture Location: Paris, France Category: Commercial Architecture Area: 10000.0 m2 Project Year: 2018 Photographs: Alexandre Tabaste, Charlotte Donker Read more » Source: ArchDaily

  • Fluctuart Art Gallery / Seine Design

    © Sergio Grazia Architects: Seine Design Location: Paris, France Category: Gallery Lead Architects: Gérard Ronzatti, Matthieu Ronzatti Design Team: Gérard Ronzatti, Matthieu Ronzatti Project Year: 2019 Photographs: Sergio Grazia Read more » Source: ArchDaily

  • Vanella House / Orma Architettura

    Courtesy of Orma Architettura Architects: Orma Architettura Location: Casamaccioli, France Category: Houses Area: 85.0 m2 Project Year: 2017 Read more » Source: ArchDaily

  • 15 Inspiring Architecture School Buildings from Around the World

    © Matthew Carbone Architecture schools and the students they house have a particularly unique and interesting building-user relationship. Architecture students value the buildings of their school not only for providing the valuable work space necessary for constructing studio projects but also as an example and model of a building in use. As the buildings are the places where students first…