Reddie Wants You to Have a Little Fun at Work With Their Non-Corporate Workstation

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Reddie Wants You to Have a Little Fun at Work With Their Non-Corporate Workstation

You might think a workstation is a workstation is a workstation, but not so. With offices continuing to evolve, individual workstations have been following suit by adapting to today’s open floor plans and the needs of the workers using them. In order to accommodate their staff and growing demands, companies often lean towards flexible furniture that can be adjusted as time goes on. There have been a lot of high-end, fully decked out options, as well as basic tables, but not many that fall right in the middle. Enter Reddie and their Non-Corporate Workstation (NCW).

The Sydney-based furniture brand dubs their NCW as “unapologetically simple,” and while that may be true, it’s also pretty smart and customizable. The workstations come in three different sizes, each of which is available in a choice of colors and materials, like glass, lacquered PU, metal, marble, solid wood, and handwoven rattan, to fit any workspace needs.

Along with three different size options, tabletops can be either wooden or laminate with solid wood edging and dividers are rattan or perforated metal and available in two heights. The minimalist designs also come with a simple cable management system to keep all the cords under control.

The NCW is the first in Reddie’s line and it’s designed to be versatile and durable with an added focus on natural materials. It’s also designed to be fun and make work life a little bit better.

Styling by Heather Nette King.
Photography by Mike Baker.

Source: Design Milk