Chrysler Building – Premium Poster Print by KarinVS


Chrysler Building Premium Poster Print comes on high-quality 8pt Fugi paper. Dimensions are 24" x 36" with a live area of 20" x 32" set inside a 2" white border. The

Chrysler Building Premium Poster Print comes on high-quality 8pt Fugi paper. Dimensions are 24″ x 36″ with a live area of 20″ x 32″ set inside a 2″ white border. The Chrysler Building was photographed in New York City in 2015.

KarinVS is a Chicago-based photographer specializing in high-end photography services for interiors. Until now, her work could only be viewed in her clients’ private collections. This Shop-Architect exclusive limited-run of quality poster prints opens the door to her work to the general public.

Click Here to see our exclusive, limited-run collection of KarinVS premium poster prints.

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