ULT-unite3D Wooden Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle




100% Brand new and high quality.

The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries.

In most cases, it is unable to untie the knot, but as long as you master the structure, is sure to solve.

Challenge your mind and patience.

Our product lets you know the challenge does not have the limit.


1.Children must use it under the adult’s tutelage.

2.Don’t throw the away to each other.

3.Don’t use it if there is any problem.

4.Don’t keep the toy in the mouth in order to prevent children to devour small parts in the toy.


Handle with care, avoid desiccation, being washed.

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If you want to get great pleasure of game, just one thing you need-Our ULT-unite Wooden Cube Puzzles!

★Cultural & Origins: Kongming lock is a traditional Chinese intellectual puzzle toy, also named Luban lock. The concave and convex parts inside the three-dimensional interpolation toy mesh perfectly.
★Suitable for All Ages: With the recreational function, the wooden cube puzzles are suitable for all ages. Such as office workers,children and the old.
★Benefits: If you order the wooden cube puzzles, it will be a great opportunity for parents and children interact together which can enhance closeness. Moreover, it can challenge your mind, patience and help develop the intellect.Perfect for IQ development and imagination.
★Great Variety in Designs: Kongming locks come in different shapes and sizes, with different internal structures. 6 different designs, 6 different fun.
★High Material: Excellent selection of natural wood, wear-resistant and durable,and use environmental protection wood lacquer, non-toxic and odourless, smooth and resilient.