Instrmnt A-Series Clock Keeps Time Simply

Instrmnt A-Series Clock Keeps Time Simply

There’s hardly anything to say about the Instrmnt A-Series clock except they’re remarkably free from distracting and excess details, an object of simplicity designed with the singular purpose of keeping time.

Each clock is thoughtfully presented inside a carefully protected box mirroring the company’s smaller timepieces, also revealing Instrrmnt’s customary ‘00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular.

The clock’s movement is audible, but hushed, ticking with a subdued sound that calms rather than evokes stress.

Made with aluminum spun-form by hand and available in just two finishes – anodized silver or gold – the only real decision an A-Series clock owner is left to ponder is whether to wall mount it or use the machine-bent stainless steel stand to position it on a desk or bedside surface.

German-made Quartz movement powers seconds, minutes, and hours hands, requiring only a single AA battery.

For further details and ordering information, check out Instrmnt’s A-Series site.

Source: Design Milk

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