How Dinosaurs are Responsible for Bobby Berk's Success on Queer Eye

June 14, 2018 no comments Feed

If you watched Season One of Netflix’s Queer Eye, chances are you benefitted from the Fab Five’s heartwarming antics as much as the men being made over— or, “heroes”—as home design expert Bobby Berk lovingly referred to them as during our recent chat. In season one, Berk and his castmates delivered viscerally-satisfying transformations that tugged at our heartstrings and basically gave us all a restored hope in humankind. While we were all busy having a giant collective therapeutic cry from the comfort of our sofas, behind-the-scenes Berk was literally designing and implementing each home makeover in just FOUR days. Berk dished about his background in design, his design philosophies, and his time on the show, and, while I can share some tasty tidbits, I’m still not certain how those four day makeovers were so flawless (but I’m leaning towards witchcraft).


Source: Apartment Therapy