Future Chocolate Has One Very Distinct Ingredient

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Future Chocolate Has One Very Distinct Ingredient

The future is going to look very different from the present if we want to slow global warming. Meat production has a huge impact, consuming large amounts of water and polluting the land, and one way to be more efficient and consider the environment is by consuming other proteins. Like insects.

Jisun Kim designed five types of Future Chocolate that contain 10% edible insect powder, one of the meat substitutes of the future. Many people are aware that eating consumable insects are a protein alternative, but without experiencing it for yourself it sounds rather unappetizing. By using the powder in something familiar and enjoyable – such as chocolate – Kim hopes to help people become more accustomed to alternatives in the future.

“I wanted to express the characteristics and concept of products with insect powder in a simple design. The outer package that protects the chocolate is reminiscent of a cocoon, based on the organic form, Kim shared.

Source: Design Milk