8 Positive Habits of Successful Architects

February 25, 2017 no comments Better Work, Tricks of the Trade

This is a great short video from a few years ago uploaded by 30X40 Design Workshop. In this video, they explore 8 positive habits of successful architects that lay the foundation for good design.

1. Tell a good story

Use a narrative or “Parti” to influence and guide the design.

2. Take Risks

Challenge the rules and approach problem solving from an innovative perspective.

3. Sweat the Details

Details are often the things we most engage with on a daily basis.

4. Simplify

Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

5. Establish Order

Use a hierarchy of elements to strengthen the narrative. Here is the link to the book referneced in the video: Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

6. Repetition

Repetitive elements provides a reference point and background.

7. Break the Rules

Find moments to deviate from the established repetitive order to enforce the hierarchy of elements.

8. Engage the Senses

The sound of rain on a metal roof can have as large an experiential impact as the visual aesthetic itself.