2017 – Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Architect and Designer Sweethearts

February 5, 2017 no comments Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, giving us the opportunity to showcase some of our favorite gifts for your better half.

With these selections, we have tried to find just the right balance between function and aesthetic without being too generic – “OMG, you are a designer and I love you so I got you this super cool design-y (ugly) thing!”

We get that it’s the thought that counts, but if you are going to put thought (and money) into your gift, you might as well get them something that they will love! Our hope is that these ideas are unique and stylish enough to echo the strength of your bond. Without any further delay, here is the list of 2017 great valentine’s day gifts for architects designers.

Desk Lamps

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

If there are less than two lights on your style-fluent companion’s desk, then they are silently suffering from darkness. You don’t want to get us started on having quality task lighting on your work surface, but since you already have, we’ll actively censor ourselves and point you to a great little write up that includes a lot of technical information about selecting the right desk lamp. If that is too much effort, then we can promise that you are going to find something really great in our curated selection of desk lights conveniently located right here! Even if you aren’t interested in buying a light, we suggest you take a look, since this small collection offers some beautiful pieces to admire.

Vented Mobile LapDesk

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

In the bed or on the couch, sometimes you just have to get some work done away from your desk. This lovely looking wood LapDesk offers an integrated mouse pad and a sleek slot to prop up your phone within reach, but out of the way. The best part is that the vented laptop area keep the pretty metal computer from heating up and burning your lap.

Noise Canceling Headphones

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

These headphones definitely fall under our personal favorites. When you flip the switch on these long-lasting wireless headphones, the world fades away. Great in the office for focusing on your work. We’d also like to mention that the noise on any plane ride is reduced to a quite whisper while the power is on. We aren’t audiophiles here, but the sound quality is quite lovely to our ears. Connect via Bluetooth or with a standard AUX cord if you’d like.


Bracelets (Men’s)

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

Some people scoff at men sporting accessories. The truth is that nobody cares about those people and bracelets are just another layer of detail to punctuate one’s expression. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is falsely credited with originating, “God is in the details.”

A Fancy Wine Opener

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

Let’s be honest, this is a great gift for anyone. It looks amazing on the counter and takes the pressure completely out of popping those corks. Pair a beautiful wine opener with a nice bottle of your preference and you will certainly be angled for a romantic evening.

An Inspirational Book

2017 Valentine's Day Gifts for Architects and Deigners

Ideas are incredibly challenging to get across verbally. Using graphics by way of diagrams or other visual representations is a pure art. Above is a featured book of National Geographic Infographics that always ends up clearing a our mental blocks. Of course, we have tons of other inspirational books in our collection to browse if you want to be more hands-on with picking a gift.

We hope this has helped you pick a great gift for this Valentine’s Day. Of course, we have loads of other gift worthy items in our catalog. If nothing in the post tickled your fancy, please click here to browse the entire collection.